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Une surfeuse apprenant à tourner durant un cours de surf à Lacanau

A beginner's session to discover surfing

This type of session is designed for people who want to learn, but also for those who already surf and are just passing through Lacanau. The instructor begins with a short theory session, presenting the board and the ocean. Then it’s time to warm up on the sand or in the water. Then it’s off into the water, always in the company of the instructor, who uses various exercises to teach you the basics or help you progress.

The Big Découverte for surfing your first waves

This formula is often offered over two consecutive days. Following the first lesson, in which you learn the technique for standing up, the second session allows you to learn how to keep your balance on the board. For those who already practise, this package is ideal for weekends and public holidays.

Groupe d'apprentis surfeurs sur la plage de Lacanau
Stage de surf niveau confirmé à Lacanau

The Big Mi-temps to progress and become autonomous

The 5-day course is ideal for really getting to grips with what you’ve learnt and becoming a surfer. During these 5 days, you won’t just learn the technical moves; the theory part before each surfing session will give you a better understanding of the board, with explanations of its characteristics, and of the ocean, with briefings on sandbanks, bays and currents.

Children's package to help your little ones discover surfing in complete safety

The children’s course consists of 5 sessions of 2 hours each, giving your little ones a chance to discover surfing at their own pace with the help of experienced instructors. Through playful games, they’ll learn to pick up foam and stand up on the board like grown-ups. The sessions take place in shallow water, guaranteeing children’s safety and serenity.

Stage de surf pour enfant à Lacanau
Cours de surf au coucher de soleil à Lacanau

Sunset session

Lacanau, 7pm… everyone’s leaving the beach, the surf lessons at the other schools are coming to an end… At Big Mama, we’re offering you the chance to enjoy the surf and the beautiful light until the sun goes down. With family or friends, come and surf, have fun and finish your day in style with a great session.


Grown-ups can have fun too! The Big Mama Sur School team lets you have fun as a family while learning a fun sport. Surfing is an accessible activity that all members of the family can enjoy. You don’t need to be an athlete, our adapted equipment ensures immediate progress for everyone.

Un cours de surf en famille à Lacanau avec un père et sa fille sur la même vague
Groupe d'amis avant un stage de surf à Lacanau

Groupe lesson

Thanks to its attractive prices, tailor-made packages and excellent infrastructure, Big Mama is renowned for welcoming groups of all sizes. Whether it’s a stag or hen party, seminar or group event, we can adapt to your wishes and offer you a unique experience in the waves.

Private lessons with an instructor just for you

Students who want ultra-personalised advice or want to surf in the shade will prefer private lessons. For 1h30, the instructor is dedicated to you and your margin of progress is bound to be greater.

Cours de surf particulier à Lacanau

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